European countries were the first to invest in solar energy, and today they are the ones with the most extensive base of photovoltaic systems older than five years.

650,000 Italian solar systems were installed before 2014, and the solar modules have begun to show the need for renovation. The components of current photovoltaic systems, such as modules, inverters, trackers, allow efficiencies higher than those possible ten years ago.

Comal SpA performs revamping interventions to optimize production without the need to change the photovoltaic system. Revamping is an intervention that consists of the replacement and updating of obsolete and low-efficiency components in use on photovoltaic systems built in previous years under the incentive scheme. In addition to the revamping of the modules, there is a significant demand for the inverters’ revamping (source: IHS Market “PV Inverter Replacement Demand Report – 2020).

The main advantages of revamping are:

  • Increase in productivity and plant performance
  • Extend the useful life of the plant, with terms of return on investment in the order of 2 – 3 years
  • Reduction of production costs