Headquarters and factory

The Comal plant is located in the Montalto di Castro industrial area, province of Viterbo. It has ​​over 21,000 square meters, of which about 8,000 are covered (for offices, workshops, and material warehouses) and 13,000 for raw material storage areas, prefabricated components, and transit areas.

The production plants are served by ten overhead cranes, two of which weigh 20 tons with a span of 20 meters.
Both plants are equipped with machine tools suitable for large production volumes in a complete cycle, including numerically controlled plasma cutting machine with drilling and tapping, radial drills, parallel and vertical lathes, shears, bending machines, punching machines, automatic and semiautomatic controlled band saws, grinding benches, etc. 
There is also wire (tig) welding departments with automatic positioner and a submerged arc welding system. An experimental welding department is active with innovative techniques.
The production cycle is completed by the sandblasting and painting department. A 49 kW photovoltaic system partially covers the energy needs of the plant.