About Us

The idea of ​​changing the future for the better took place in 2001 in Montalto di Castro (VT) with the birth of Comal. Since then, we have built more than 30 photovoltaic systems installed in Italy and South Africa with an energy capacity of over 600 MWp. 

Driven by the energy of innovation, we were the first to achieve 63 MWp in Grid Parity. Italy represents our solid starting point, thanks to a recognized engineering and managerial ability. A capacity that allows us to place internationalization as an imminent goal to achieve. 

We are Comal

The Vision

The courage to invest and pragmatism are the elements that characterize our entrepreneurial success.

Beginning as constructors of energy production plants from conventional sources, we then moved to the construction of parts of photovoltaic systems to arrive at the design and construction of photovoltaic systems of large generative power, including the supply of trackers entirely designed and manufactured in our factory.

The Mission

By stipulating EPC-M contracts for the construction of large photovoltaic systems, we orient our products - for which quality is our priority - to environmental sustainability, and this is the core of the corporate culture. In this way, we contribute to 'building' a more sustainable world.


Comal actively contributes to a development model capable of preserving future generations.

The company plays a leading role in sustainability through a path that will lead Comal to follow, promote and accompany the objectives set for 2030 and 2025 with the Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate (Pniec), phasing out of coal-fired power plants.

Main customers

Increasingly important customers’ trust drives Comal’s growth in terms of investment propensity and capacity.


from Investment Funds
and Private Investors

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Production value
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Certifications and Policy

The most important Certification Bodies recognize Comal’s commitment. A guarantee places the company as a privileged point of contact in photovoltaic system installation projects at the national and international levels.