Photovoltaic systems: 90% will be digitized –

Artificial intelligence, cloud, IoT are the technologies that will bring the most benefits to the sector, but pay attention to cybersecurity.

Digital is a highly pervasive phenomenon that is affecting the most varied Italian economic sectors, bringing with it numerous benefits. Among these is that of photovoltaic systems. This is testified by Alfredo Balletti, CEO of Comal, one of the major Italian companies active in the sector of plant engineering for the production of energy from solar sources.

Will photovoltaic systems be automated?

Alfredo Balletti: “Again thanks to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, 80% of the systems will be automated: many diagnostic and decision-making functions will no longer be in charge of O&M (Operation & Maintenance) experts, but managed automatically as in Comal. Not only that: we will see the introduction of drones and robots for the most dangerous tasks and for those that require a continuous and high degree of precision.”


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