COMAL Impianti 

Renewable Energy

Sector of energy production plants from renewable sources

Photovoltaic installations on the ground with Great Productive Power of Renewable Energy

In the last decade COMAL has been implementing solar source installations, at the beginning taking part to the constuction step with other partners, and then creating installations using the EPC-M formula (engineering, purchasing, construction and management)

Plants Realized

Photovoltaic Installations in Montalto di Castro/ 63 MWP

  • Beginning of construction: May 2016
  • Labour hours: 200.000
  • Fixtures: 40.000
  • 40 unit tracker: 5.000
  • 315-320 Wp panels: 200.000
  • 6 mmq string cable: 500 km
  • BT-AI cable: 120 Km
  • MT-AI cable: 45 Km
  • Production May-June 2017 +8% than the valued aim in the planning fase.
  • Performance Rate June 2017: +0,7% than the planning data