In-house development & production
Sun Hunter

Sun Hunter

A technically valid, advanced and economically competitive product, designed by COMAL Impianti srl.


The Comal "Sunhunter 18AB" horizontal single-axis system is easily adaptable, thanks to its flexibility, to the configuration of various photovoltaic fields, in order to achieve the goal of maximizing the power that each individual field can generate. The use of trackers of different length and the ability to independently set the angles of each tracker, even at the end of back-tracking, allows you to achieve the aforementioned goal.

The Tracker is characterized by two components: the structural component and the electronic component.

Sunhunter General features


System type: Single axis horizontal tracking,

Permitted ground slope: ≤ 9% N / S,

Angolo di rollio tracker settabile: +/- 55 ° (max 60°),

Compliant with the use of double-sided photovoltaic modules (back-tracking),

Materials used in the structures: S275 JOH, S355 JOH hot dip galvanized, Sendzimir Z450,

Motor / controller power supply: Self-production with 30 W panel and 24V 6 Ah battery

Communication system: wireless based on ZigBee protocol

Built-in test equipment (BITE) for functional check (inclinometer)

Web interface for functional control of trackers and sending commands to them.

The structure can be adapted to the various configurations required by the customer up to a maximum of 84 panels.
The electronic component of each tracker is made up of a set of controllers and a concentrator that communicate with each other through a radio mesh network.



Hi-performance DC motor,
Allows rotation of the tracker,
Degree of protection IP66,
Sensing accuracy 0.1°,
Worm drive temperature from -20° C to + 120° C,


Guarantees solar tracking
It can work in stand-alone mode or in a ZigBee wireless network,
Self-powered: power kit with 30 W photovoltaic panel battery that provides energy needed to charge one / two 24 V 6 Ah LI-ION batteries
Our proprietary technology (hardware and software)
Double wind protection based on our proprietary algorithm


Able to create the ZigBee wireless network,
It allows the exchange of commands and local information between the controllers and the Control Operating Room for remote monitoring.


Resistant to chemical agents
Maintenance and lubrication free
High self-aligning radial loads, rotation angle ≤ 9°
Easy assembly and disassembly
Compensation of misalignment errors which always makes the best condition of rotation on the trackers

WPAN (personal wireless networks):

basierend auf dem IEEE 802.15.4 Standard von ZigBee


CE marked
In accordance with 2006/42 / EC, EMC regulation, LV regulation, RoHS 2

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