The story of COMAL



COMAL was founded in 1989 on the initiative of a group of technicians coming from important experiences matured in the industrial-plant sector.

The company path began in the mechanical-plant sector, participating in the construction of large energy production plants from conventional sources, including that of Montalto di Castro, originally a nuclear plant.

Following the serious crisis in the plant sector, COMAL has profoundly restructured its corporate structure and diversified its productive interest, inserting itself with enthusiasm and determination in the construction of large photovoltaic energy production plants. In the last six years, COMAL has thus achieved excellent results in terms of turnover volumes, technical performance of the plants and customer satisfaction.

Despite the prevalent part of the turnover comes from the construction of large photovoltaic plants, however, the presence of COMAL in the conventional plant sector remains for mechanical-maintenance activities (for Enel, General Electric, etc.).

The technical and construction experience in photovoltaics was first acquired in South Africa (2013-2015) and subsequently with the construction of large plants in Italy, for a total of 476 MW of installed power to date. 

To mention some of the institutional clients: Mitsubishi, ACEA, ABB, General Electric, Enel Green Power, Octopus Investments, KGAL Investments.

Since the beginning of 2016, photovoltaic plants have been built by COMAL with the contractual formula called EPC-M (Engineering, Purchase, Construction, and Management). In addition to construction, COMAL takes care of the O&M (Operational and Maintenance) phase, taking care of maintenance, functionality, production efficiency and intrusion detection. The functionality and production performance data of the plants are monitored 24/24 hours remotely in a special Control Room set up at the headquarters. 

From April 2018 COMAL also provides for the supply of trackers (support structures for photovoltaic modules) designed, produced and assembled in its headquarter in Montalto di Castro. The single-axis trackers are equipped with electrical components, hardware, and software developed in COMAL, for command and control of solar tracking.

COMAL Impianti is one of the first Italian companies that has built large-scale photovoltaic systems, entering a sector until a few years ago predominance of foreign entities. Thanks to the experience gained, COMAL has attracted the attention of major European structural investors (Octopus Investments, KGAL Investments, etc.).

Construction, assembly and maintenance of energy production plants
Market crisis in the mechanical- engineering plant sector
Diversification: Insertion in the renewable energy sector (photovoltaic)
Construction of 96 MW FTV plants in South Africa
Comal Impianti is the first company to build Grid Parity photovoltaic systems in Europe
2017- 2019
Construction of 16  EPC-M PV plants in Italy for a total of 172 MW
Construction of PV plants in Puglia and Sardinia (191 MW)
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