Cutting-edge photovoltaic systems as a key to sustainable development. This is the energy of change.

In 2009, Comal diversified its business by applying its experience and technologies in the renewable energy sector and specifically in the construction (with the EPC-M formula) of photovoltaic systems of large generative power. 

The company obtained excellent results in terms of turnover, plant performance, and customer satisfaction. Today, more than ever, the company looks to internationalization as a further step forward. A vision that fully responds to the growing global focus on sustainable development.

Renewable energy

Comal SpA specializes in the design and installation of high-power photovoltaic systems capable of significantly reducing pollution's impact on the environment.

Comal SpA firmly believes in the contribution that photovoltaics can offer to reduce CO2, a critical reduction that can and must grow exponentially. All photovoltaic systems currently installed worldwide satisfy about 3% of global electricity demand, enough to reduce CO2 production to around 720 million tons.

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Photovoltaic system



Updated on 12th May 2020

Technological innovation

Comal SpA offers technologically advanced engineering solutions with reduced construction times compared to competitors, thus differentiating itself qualitatively from other players.

The focus on innovation translates into continuous investments in Research & Development. This commitment has led to high value-added technologies, such as the advanced Sun Hunter Tracker system development.


The issue of climate change has never been more critical. The Green approach's role is acquiring more and more value, leading to an acceleration in the development of eco-sustainable technologies. The most challenging objective, now shared by most industrialized nations, is the drastic reduction of CO2 emissions within the next few years. Among the green technologies, photovoltaics are among those that offer the most significant benefits: excellent energy yield with zero impact on the environment, a good advantage for the development of the economy, and which at the same time, respects the planet.